Scott Mahr

Scott Mahr's Lonely Internet Clubhouse

When I was in high school I really wanted to be in a band. I really believed—and still do believe, to a degree—that my sixteen-year-old self had many of the requisite talents of such a pursuit and that my band would be non-sucky, and even mildly entertaining at times.

When I managed to associate myself with enough other dudes who shared similar aspirations it was a very exciting time for me.

But, embodying the cliché worn to death by every other rockstar-hankering juvenile dweeb on the planet, we put much consideration into name choices, logo design, and cool merch ideas, while never, you know, actually picking up our instruments. We practiced once but it was a short, frustrating dud of an afternoon and any remaining enthusiasum fizzled out promptly thereafter.

And yet, despite all this, since the internet is rarely more than an infinite and excrutiating high school talent show, here I am with my personal website.