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As with any creative endeavour, a designer's process is an important factor in producing great work. It's often helpful or at least insightful to get a peek at other creative practictioners' workflows, so I thought I'd share mine.

Step One: Sketching

Even if you design primarily in the digital realm, working with pencil and paper is still an invaluable excercise. I have a sketchbook that I am constantly filling with all my thoughts. It never leaves my side!

Personally, I find that developing your sketching skills is a fantastic way to flesh out ideas before moving them to a screen.

A photo of my design process, step one
Here is a sketch from a recent logo design project. I have included a pencil in the photo as though I just finished working on this moments before taking the photo, and had nonchalantly left it on the page, slightly askew.
A photo of my design process, step two
Here's another photo of my sketch, photographed at an angle to achieve an attractive 'depth of field'.
A photo of my design process, step three
This is my sketchbook photographed from above, arranged among various analog graphic design tools.
A photo of my design process, step four
This is a gratuitous photo of a succulent, an old-timey camera and a copy of Robert Bringhurst's The Elements Of Typographic Style.
A photo of my design process, step five
This is all the junk I had to clear off my desk to take these photos.

Step Two: Move to digital

At this point in the design process I usually say "fuck it" and just do the whole thing from scratch in Illustrator.