How do you feel about all your food tasting like a crabcake?

“I feel great about that, Scott” is the only acceptable answer to this question.

Thus, may I suggest Old Bay?

Old Bay is an iconic blend of herbs and spices that originated in Maryland. It is intended for seafood, but it works with everything. Try it on potatoes!

How did this unique, bold blend get its name? Believe it or not, its original name was “Delicious Brand Shrimp and Crab Seasoning.” That name didn’t stick, but the taste sure did.

— Official website
A box of Old Bay seasoning

This seasoning powder is nothing new. It is in every grocery store in North America. Your grandmother has some in her cupboard. Foodie darling David Chang thinks it's great. So does his team of editors at esoteric culinary magazine Lucky Peach. So does the entire Southern and Eastern United States! It's time you got on board too.

Old Bay was invented in the 1940's. It probably consists mostly of salt. What did you expect?

A pile of Old Bay seasoning

Toss some into your popcorn. Put it into a soup. Your next batch of coleslaw is aching for a dash or two. You already know what this stuff tastes like, I guarantee it. It will induce nostalgia for the New England childhood you never actually had.

Why are you using plain sour cream as a condiment! Put Old Bay in it!!